This Blog is created by Dr. Pawankumar Patil to share his experiments and experiences while spreading hand-washing behavior as a cultural change in to rural community of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, India. The basic design of Nirmal device is adopted from Dr. Jim Watt’s Tippy Tap. After several modifications in the design of Tippy Tap, Nirmal is born.. Nirmal Hand-washinng Program is being implemented in schools and organizations in different parts of Maharashtra State.

I am thankful to my friends Manas KaushikChetana Latkar, Nithya Krishnan, Amit Nagare, Dhananjay Muli, Amrut Bang and Dhanraj Meshram for their genuine help and support in making The Nirmal Handwashing Program successful..

 For more information about all three components of The Nirmal Hand-washing Program, please contact:

Phones: (USA) 682-333-2157

email: pawangpatil@gmail.com , pgp0021@live.unthsc.edu

Facebook: Pawankumar Patil  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1334118278

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