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 So far, 83 Nirmal devices were installed in sixteen villages of Maharashtra by students of Nirman youth camps.

School based evaluation study:

         Before replicating in to other villages, schools and houses, we evaluated the efficacy of the Nirmal hand-washing program using observation checklist, focus groups of students and teacher surveys and interviews of parents. Eighty-two students, 10 teachers and 8 parents participated in this analysis process.

The survey instruments:

  1. Questionnaires for Teachers, Parents and Students,
  2. Observation of the students while washing hands for the accuracy of hand washing steps,
  3. Observation of student by a hidden observer to nullify the observer effect.
  4. Surprise inspection of Nirmal hand washing device to check whether it was being used by children or not?

 We found that,

  1. About 83% children continued to wash their hands as recommended after three months of installation of Nirmal in their schools.
  2. Parents and Teachers were satisfied  and enthusiastic about the  Nirmal Hand-washing program.  97% Teachers said that Nirmal has improved the quality of hand-washing practice in school children.
  3. A majority of parents noticed the change in hand washing practice of their children and 6 of them were ready to install Nirmal hand-washing device at their homes
  4. 3 parents were not ready to ‘pay’ for Nirmal installation at their houses. They wanted it for free of cost.



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