The articles and interviews published in local and state news papers about the Nirmal Hand-washing project and other projects by Dr. Pawankumar Patil and his two-year fellowship experience at SEARCH, Gadchiroli, India.

  1. Daily Lokmat : This article is an interview of Dr. Pawankumar Patil and his health initiatives and experiences during Nirman fellowship at SEARCH, Gadchiroli, India. Pawankumar talks about his background, education, motivation for working in Gadchiroli district, experiences in SEARCH’s hospital and community, development of Nirmal Hand-washing Program and other health initiatives.
  2. Daily Sakal: This article is a description of Dr. Pawankumar’s perspectives towards Global Hand-washing Day. He believes that every day should be a hand-washing day and how this can be achieved using simple hand-washing techniques like Nirmal. He explains the epidemiology of diarrheal diseases and effectiveness of hand-washing using Nirmal Hand-washing Program in prevention of diarrhea, respiratory infections and other childhood disorders.
  3. Ushahkal Annual Magazine : This article is an interview of Dr. Pawankumar after finishing his two-year Nirman fellowship. Here he talks about beauty of SEARCH’s hospital, his accomplishments during the fellowship and his various health initiatives like Nirmal, Frisbee game as a tool for behavior change in children and adolescents of Gadchiroli district.
  4. Dialogue with Youth Icons : This small news letter introduces works of seven youth icons from different parts of Maharashtra. In VEDH, an annual conference at Mumbai, these seven youngsters explained the beauty of their passions in front of thousands of students and parents.

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